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We have been using Symbiosys approx 10 years.  They provide day to day maintenance and development work for software using the 4D programme which manages approx £1bn worth of expenditure.  This is a system which they inherited from two previous 4D development companies.  Over the last 2 years they have undertaken a considerable amount of development work on this system with a cost of £150k.

I find Symbiosys an excellent company to work with for the following reasons:

• In the preparation of any development work they have been very thorough in preparing the user requirements.  In particular my experience has been that they carefully review the permutations for particular rules to avoid costly changes later.  It can be very expensive to move a wall 6”!

• They have taken the time to understand my business requirements such that they frequently identify the ramifications for other parts of the system in making changes

• Where work is undertaken on an estimated number of hours I am just as likely to be advised certain items have come in using less time as they are to spend more time on other items.  Their approach is collaborative rather than the adversarial approach I have experienced with other software developers.  They do not use a change request as an opportunity to be exploited in order of magnifying the original bill.

• As individuals I find them very easy to work with. I am currently working with Louise Jones but Jon Pool and Adrian Elson have also supported me over the last few years  and all have been equally effective.

• The development work which is released is of a high quality requiring few changes or corrections.  This implies to me that they understand the brief, implement the brief properly and check the release properly before it is delivered.

• My approach has been give and take such that  they happily volunteer where they believe  a defect is down to them. With other developers I have found this to be a major area of contention.

• Their development work is generally on time and to budget.  They have also supported the maintenance of the contract and have been flexible in converting development days to on-line support and vice versa.

They are a very professional firm with whom I have no hesitation in recommending.

Adrian Maher, Head of Operational Property, TfL Operational Property

- Adrian Maher, Head of Operational Property, TfL Operational Property
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