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SeaCom Electronics chooses SATbill

Seacom Electronics, a division of SeaTec UK has chosen SATbill to handle the billing of airtime for both internal customers (V.Ships) and external customers using the Standard Edition of the product and a few minor customisations. Future customisations include the handling of split billing and the export of invoice data for input into Shipsure. SATbill… Read more »

SBS implements SATbill for IDG Europe

SBS has implemented the SATbill Air-time Billing System for IDG Europe in Sweden, together with some specific customisations including integration with their Visma finance system. IDG Europe will process over 55,000 CDRs a month with SATbill from four different providers. This will enable IDG Europe to invoice all their customers from one integrated billing system,… Read more »

Symbiosys – New Inmarsat Partner

Symbiosys have been accepted as an Inmarsat partner on their connect programme. We will be attending next year’s Inmarsat conference where we will be showcasing our SATbill system.

SBS implements SATbill for SRH Marine

SBS implements the SATbill Air-time Billing System for SRH Marine in Greece, together with some specific customisations. SATbill will process over 500,000 CDRs a month, from five providers. This will enable SRH Marine to invoice their customers from one integrated billing system, and will both reduce the resources required for billing and improve overall billing… Read more »

Satellite Equipment Rentals Module

SBS introduces an integrated Satellite Equipment Rentals module for SATbill. Key benefits of the new Rentals module include: Single-click rental invoicing; Rapid barcode-based check-out and check-in; Easy reconciliation of rental returns; Easy configuration of complex rental tariffs

Radio Holland Connect commences live running of the SATbill system

Following the successful pilot of the SATbill system at Radio Holland Connect, SBS is pleased to announce that the system has been fully implemented and live running of the system has now begun. The system will enable them to bill all their Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and VSAT services and significantly speed up their Monthly billing… Read more »

Radio Holland Connect commences SATbill Pilot

SBS has implemented a Pilot SATbill system for Radio Holland Connect. The pilot includes a number of customer specific customisations and is anticipated to run for a period of 2 months. If the pilot is successful, then it is anticipated that SATbill will replace Radio Holland’s existing billing systems.

SBS implements SATbill for H2O Satellite

SBS implements the SATbill Air-time Billing System for H2O Satellite together with some minor specific customisations. The system will help them to handle the complexity of FBB billing and will speed up their Monthly billing process whilst improving overall billing accuracy.

SBS launches SATbill, a fully comprehensive and sophisticated Air-time Billing System for satellite communications.

SATbill enables satellite communications providers to track entire service cycles, from customer order to service provision and invoice payment – at a fraction of the cost of comparable air-time billing systems,” said Mark Minshull, Managing Director of Symbiosys Business Solutions. “It offers single-click billing, supports all the major services, is easy to install and manage… Read more »

SBS Implements an Air-time Billing system for 7E Communications to complement the Satellite Equipment Rental system previously developed by SBS.

SBS has added an Air-time billing module to the Satellite Equipment Rental system for 7E Communications. The RABS system is expected to reduce billing resources speed up the billing process and improve the cash flow at 7E Communications. To find out more about this system, please refer to the 7E RABS Case Study.

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