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Packaged software

We can develop a custom software solution to fit your exact needs and then repurpose it as packaged software product for mutual benefit.

The best of both worlds

If most of your business processes are unique (80%+) and you’re looking for significant competitive advantage then it would be best to commission a custom software build where you own the software outright. If most of your business processes are not unique then it would be cheaper and quicker to implement a packaged software solution that meets the majority of your requirements (80%+).  If no such packaged software exists but there is a market for such a solution then there is an alternative way forward. We build a custom software system for you at a competitive rate and we then redevelop the system into a packaged software product at our cost. In this instance we would share ownership of the system and sell the package to others, which would enable you to recoup some or all of your investment. We would also provide you with free updates and free support and maintenance during the life of the product. In effect this would provide you with a solution encompassing the best of both worlds.

Success story

We designed and developed a bespoke Satellite Airtime Billing and Rentals Management system in 2005 for a customer in the UK. We then redeveloped the system in to a customisable product in agreement with our customer. This product, called SATbill, is now used by customers all over the world. Please visit our SATbill website for more information.

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