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Feasibility Study

We develop and support both custom and packaged software for vertical markets. The question that most people ask us is: Which is the best for our organisation; packaged software, custom software, or a mixture of the two?

The choice isn’t straightforward and depends on your current business processes, existing infrastructure, the change in business performance required, and so on.  We have created a White Paper covering this subject in more detail, which can be downloaded here. Alternatively, please refer to the advantages and disadvantages of both custom and packaged software here.

Feasibility Study

With any IT project, large or small, it’s about exploring possibilities. What can we achieve? How far can we go? What are the risks? What will be the impact? Who will be affected? What will be the benefits?

To get answers to these and the myriad of questions that need to be asked to make an IT project a success, we initiate a Feasibility Study. This is a tried-and-trusted methodology that enables us to work with you to not only answer the crucial questions that will affect your project, but also enable out of the box thinking that may reveal new opportunities.

We engage with all of the relevant stakeholders in your organisation to ensure that the study is informed and complete, enabling you to make decisions about how to go forward with your technology initiatives.

And because of our pragmatic approach, if something isn’t feasible, we’ll tell you.

Typically a feasibility study will include:

  • Business strategy and background
  • Business objectives, benefits and system deliverables
  • Current and future requirements
  • Evaluation and recommendations
  • Project scope and cost estimates

The main goal for a Feasibility Study is to define the best implementation solution for your project, if any, and justify why it is best. We make sure it is, and that your organisation benefits on the bottom line, or through increased efficiency, from any technologies we recommend, select and implement.

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