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Benefits of solutions support

The key benefits of our Solutions support services include:

On-demand expertise

Clients can get access to skills and resources as and when they need them.

Quick response times

Support staff can take immediate ownership of client issues and see them through to a successful conclusion. (SLA contracts have guaranteed response times).

Cost effectiveness

Having a support/maintenance contract is much more cost-effective than having a dedicated internal team.


A support/maintenance contract can be customised exactly to clients’ needs (i.e. the amount of onsite, off-site or optional support).

Peace of mind

Expert knowledge is just a phone call or email away.

Reduced risk

The Technical Health Check process establishes a firm foundation on which to base the support (i.e. it identifies problems and ensures that support staff get to know the system intimately).

Client Control

New features can be added to systems as clients require them.

Ensure systems continue to support the business

Systems can be checked and fine-tuned on a regular basis for optimum performance

Resilience / security of data

You can ensure systems remain robust and secure without incurring risk or downtime.

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